Fishers Grilled Restaurant Muttrah, Muscat. ‘Easy on my wallet, Crazy on my palate’ kind of love.

Do you have a bottomless craving for seafood? Are you tired of mediocre google search results for ‘best seafood restaurants’? Do you crave for fresh, tasty seafood that does not come with a ‘you need to sell your kidney to afford it’ price tag? If yes then I have the perfect answer for you.

Fishers Grilled Restaurant. It is located bang opposite the Fish Market in Muttrah, between the fancy restaurant Bait al Luban and the Marina Hotel. Park your car in the parking lot in front of Bait Al Luban and walk towards Marina Hotel, turn left as soon as you spot ‘Hall for Foods’.


I went with a friend who did all the ordering (THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME TO THIS FOOD HAVEN). So here’s the drill. You need to walk up to the outlet  with the Fishers Grilled Restaurant signage (located in the inroad). Pick the fish of your choice, they also have squid and prawns.


Meet the king of grill Mr. Mohammed or the big boss Mr. Ashraf, they are grill masters whose secret ingredient has to be magic.


After you pick what you want; head towards either the air-conditioned tiny room called ‘Hall for Foods’ or sit outside and play with the cats till your order arrives. WORD OF CAUTION: It is better to call and place your order in advance, as everything is done super fresh, you will have to wait for 40 minutes or so for your order to be served.

As I waited my anticipation kept building. I was looking forward to this for a long time. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a complete disaster. After 35 minutes or so the gentleman below came with a plate of salad, sumac dusted hummus and a big basket of bread.



Taste, enjoy and don’t pass any of these off as fillers. The dressing on the veggies was intriguingly delicious, the hummus was creamy and packed with flavour.

The grilled fish was coated with a near exotic spice rub, just thinking about it right now wants me to stop writing this post and head to that fish place. Take a look at the pictures. Sheri Fish 850 grams and cost RO 3.

Sheri Fish

close up of sheri fish

Then came the juicy platter of prawns. What a pleasure it was to shell, suck and munch away each of the deliciously pink prawns. And they were deveined and large.


sorry about the  unkempt nail ;)
sorry about the unkempt nail 😉

The grilled squid tossed in a medley of spices and charred onion, capsicum and eggplant was a true delight.


squid 1

This is probably the first time I feel I am unable to do full justice to a post, as recollecting the flavours, the aroma and the sight of the glorious seafood from last night is leaving me in a trance.

So to sum it up, this is the go to place in Muscat if you wish to eat fresh, perfectly marinated, healthy (grilled) seafood that does not cause a hole in your wallet. The salad, the bread, hummus, the fish, the prawn, the squid – all this for just RO 11. Had I not been surrounded by a conservative crowd I would have broken into a happy dance. I LOVEDDDD IT…

To pre-order your meal  call Ashraf 99463561

Worth the Wait, Kind of Love

Oh My! I can’t tell you how much I have waited to put out this post. I wanted it to be perfect; I wanted it to be the best; I wanted it to be so many things and more that I realised if I didn’t write it now I would never end up writing it. The Manhattan Fish Market – A dinner date with ‘the man I am waiting’ for at ‘the restaurant I have waited to go to’

best seafood restaurant in muscat, oman
best seafood restaurant in muscat, oman

It finally happened. My hubster took a short break from the 3 year course that he is pursuing in India and came visiting. So date nights were on an all-time high and I was on a spree of showing him all the treasures that I had discovered in Oman in his absence. Ever since I read the dreamlike post about The Manhattan Fish Market on Andy in Oman (thanks Andy, I owe that night to you!) I was dying to go there. Waiting for the perfect moment, waiting for the perfect company. Even if you don’t read what I have to say, look at the pics and make it a point to go there. It is totally worth it. The food is amazing, the staff is extremely friendly and it’s worth the wait and worth every baisa you spend. Best Seafood Restaurant in Oman The Manhattan Fish Market, 6855 Way, 18th November Street, Azaiba Tel: 24 499621  Facebook Page, Website  First Bite Experience Stewed Tomato Mussels. Costs RO 2.9 and is served in a pool of tomato gravy infused with magical spices and condiments. IMG_1747 Scoop the earthy, tangy sauce into the shells of the mussels and sup it up.

Us – Muscling up the romance.

The creamy mussels and the magical gravy will make you want to lick the last traces off the plate. Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter

Must Have platter at the restaurant seafood
Aren’t you happy when what you see is what you get?

We wanted to taste everything on the menu as that was not possible we decided to go in for the Platter (RO 11.9). Squid was deep fried to perfection not chewy, not soggy and oily but just light, crisp n tender.

Flaming Platter
Flaming it up for us – Table side.

What can you say about a dish when even a grain of rice is flavoursome? The garlic fried rice, and the creamy flamed shrimp will help you attain nirvana. The fried oysters were good not great but good. The fish fillets were of buttery perfection. We wanted the veggies to be pan friend instead of their usual steamed version, and our request was delivered, without a single question. The quirky and creative decor wordplay combined with the oceanly love makes this experience totally worth the wait. But why wait… go for it and do let me know what you think.