The Hurry Burry Kind of Love

A hurry burry post coz I just want you to go and get nostalgic at this restaurant. To all my Indian friends who live by themselves or r missing some authentic treats in Muscat, if you wanna relive the masaledar memories of chai and poha then rush to Khana Kazana, next to Khimji Mart Ruwi

Maharashtrian kanda poha


Saboodana kichidi


This restaurant personifies nostalgia. In my earlier post titled THE QUICKIE KIND OF LOVE I had informed you guys about Yummy Gola treats that you get here. No no they don’t pay me any fee or offer me free food for blogging about them (not that I would mind if they do)

Go hurry up. Grab a bite and let me know what you think. Saboodana kichidi is a bit oily but the poha is perfect with it’s salty, sugary, peanuty goodness.