The Hurry Burry Kind of Love

A hurry burry post coz I just want you to go and get nostalgic at this restaurant. To all my Indian friends who live by themselves or r missing some authentic treats in Muscat, if you wanna relive the masaledar memories of chai and poha then rush to Khana Kazana, next to Khimji Mart Ruwi

Maharashtrian kanda poha


Saboodana kichidi


This restaurant personifies nostalgia. In my earlier post titled THE QUICKIE KIND OF LOVE I had informed you guys about Yummy Gola treats that you get here. No no they don’t pay me any fee or offer me free food for blogging about them (not that I would mind if they do)

Go hurry up. Grab a bite and let me know what you think. Saboodana kichidi is a bit oily but the poha is perfect with it’s salty, sugary, peanuty goodness.

The Messy Kind of Love

It’s more than a mouthful, its overpowers you senses, your hand is the only implement to aid eating, it spills and leaves a trail…in short, its messy but that is what lures you into slurpy submission. This is an Indian treat called Pani Puri / Gol Gappa / Puchka, which will surprise you, so you need to be a food adventurist to truly fall in love with this messy addiction!

Forget fine dining and say hello to street food dining that may make you sweat a bit but there are always ways to get over it!

Not familiar with Pani Puri? Intrigued? Read on…

Pani Puri Al Khuwair Muscat Bakery

So pani puri are these individual fried balls of dough (puris) that are stuffed with a filling comprising of potatoes and lentils which are thereafter dunked into a water (pani)bath.  Thus the name pani puri (balls of water). And don’t think blahh when I say water… coz it’s far from it. The water is the soul of this dish, it’s tangy (from the tamarind), it’s sweet and the moment it touches your tongue your mouth will be

“tricked, tickled and tantalised.”

Best Pani Puri in Muscat – Muscat Bakery Hypermarket Al Khuwair, near Home Centre.


First Bite Experience

It is so hard to get this dish right outside of India coz ‘freshness’ is the major deciding factor.  I opened my mouth to its maximum capacity and carefully placed the brimming pani puri in. This puri was made of semolina and is much better than the wheat / all-purpose flour puris as the semolina ones instantaneously melts in your mouth. FRESH!!!!!!!!!

I try real hard to be lady like and keep the released coriander, mint and herb infused sweet, tangy water from trickling out from the corner of my lips.

I demolished eight such puris and am left with sticky fingers and a happy tummy. Silly as it may seem this snack lures me into the must experience messy kind of love!