What can I say about my passion for food? Early memories of it may trace back to my unwavering love for meat influenced by my annual travel to the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was about leaving behind the humble eating habits of an Indian household and indulging in the aromatically, & visually enticing Lebanese food.

Then came a phase in life when I left the comforts of home to pursue my MBA in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore – where I got infatuated with veggies. Having made the best of the available hostel food many a times I found myself salivating over the fresh produce displayed at the markets and would make mental images of the endless vegetarian dishes that I could devour.

I would like to share with you the one love that keeps me company as I experience this journey called life. My heart has been broken many times and I have broken many a hearts, I rode the highs and battled the lows, I have been insanely happy and unbelievably sad…but something ‘Yum’ has always stood witness to my doings no matter what – leaving me foodishly in love!


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  1. YUUMMMM..love that Green curry and prawn crakers…so hungry looking at that food! We live next door in UAE..so must make a visit to Oman one day 🙂


    • Hi Veena S… those were truly yum….Not that I don’t want you to come to Oman, you are always, always welcome… But Shang Thai has a branch in Dubai as well. When you get the chance Do go and try their food out… it is to die for. and do let me know what you think.


  2. Hello there, love your blog and the omani food. I have very fond memories of eating grilled whole chicken, which is rotated whole chicken on roadside in Oman. I am talking about almost 20 years bavk. I hope they still have it. I couldn’t find the recipe. Could you please help me to get the recipe of it.


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